Trademark searches are necessary to minimize potential conflicts when selecting a product name. We have a department dedicated to conducting these searches in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and carry out some 200 searches per month. We accept instructions to conduct these searches both in isolation and alongside the provision of other legal advice.

We have a long-standing and exclusive relationship with the largest search companies in the world: Thomson Compu-Mark, Eurosearch Novagraaf and Multisearch. We are therefore able to offer preferential tariffs for international searches to discover, look out for and monitor identical and confusingly similar trademarks in foreign countries. We can provide this service on a worldwide or territorial basis.

Once the search results have identified any potential infringements of our clients’ rights, we then take prompt legal action.


We also carry out patent searches:

  1. Worldwide state of the art searches;
  2. Worldwide non-infringement searches against existing patents via our associated office (and directly in the Czech and Slovak Republics); and
  3. Searches of documents relied upon in litigious proceedings.