Legal Services – Litigation

Legal services in connection with administrative and judicial proceedings

RRG provides legal services within the whole extent of intellectual and industrial property rights including the enforcement of these rights as well as the services in the field of the fight against product piracy. RRG has been providing these services from the very beginning knowing that it is not decisive to obtain a protective right, but above all to keep it being able to use its subject on the market.

In the field of administrative law, these services relate mainly to contradictory procedures before the Industrial Property Office, in cases governed by the Consumer Protection Act № 634/1992 Coll. (procedures in relation to the Czech Trade Inspection and the State Agricultural and Food Inspection). This is followed by legal services in the matter of review actions against decisions of state administration bodies including the submission of subsequent cassation complaints and representation before the Supreme Administrative Court. Another area is the representation in the marketing authorization of pharmaceuticals before the State Institute for Drug Control and in launching food supplements into circulation according to Act № 110/1997 Coll., on Foodstuffs.

The area of the fight against product piracy represents a separate part of the provided legal services. At the beginning of the 1990s, the office RRG was a pioneer in this field and since that time, it has been providing services to brand manufacturers for 25 years. In national law, this area is regulated by Act № 355/2014 Coll., on the Scope of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic in connection with the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. These services are followed by lawsuits to determine whether the goods infringe an intellectual property right.

RRG also offers many years of experience in litigation (court and arbitration proceedings). Cooperating attorneys represent clients before all kinds and instances of courts; namely before the Municipal Court in Prague, the High Court in Prague and the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in the field of industrial property rights. The most frequent acts performed before the courts are applications for interlocutory judgments, actions for injunctions, removal of an irregular situation and actions for damages or release of unjust enrichment. For RRG, the litigation is not a goal, but a final step leading to a resolution of legal conflicts. Therefore, the services in this area are logically focused first on processing analyses of cases and relevant opinions, communicating with adverse parties, preparing and concluding agreements of coexistence and other contracts for the amicable resolution of legal conflicts in question.

An integral part of these legal services is the processing of license, sub-license and other intellectual property contracts or their drafts, including contracts with the authors of trademarks, advertising products of all kinds.

RRG ensures representation in arbitration proceedings, too. The cooperating attorneys are simultaneously members of the Permanent Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic.

The transmission of all principal acts in advance to the client for his/her opinion is a standard part of the services.