Trade marks

Our typical trademark activity involves lodging applications, carrying on proceedings and monitoring validity of trademarks. We liaise with attorneys all over the world and our offices alone provide services in English, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Slovak.

We are equipped to handle all of a client’s trademark matters at home and abroad, and have extensive experience managing large trademark portfolios. We submit national and international applications following the forms laid out in the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, and file community trademark applications with the OHIM in Alicante (CTMs). We advise our clients on which form or forms of protection will best suit a given case.

We manage the entire trademark protection process for our clients: filing, registration, renewal and monitoring. Our bespoke computer software alerts us to forthcoming renewal deadlines. We can then present to our clients a list of those trademark renewals which are due in the next calendar year.

We monitor the market for potential trademark confusion and evaluate potential trademark collisions. We then advise the client on an appropriate strategy, such as filing objections, observations and requests for trademark cancellation.

Our success in this sphere stems from the experience of our individual patent attorneys. For foreign matters, we coordinate with foreign attorneys. This is a high priority area for us and we pay it extraordinary attention. We always prepare a number of strategies for the client and will recommend our preferred optimal solution.