European Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law in the Czech Republic, Attorney at Law in the Slovak Republic, European Trademark Attorney

Dipl. Ing. Chem. (Slovak Technical University in Bratislava)
Dr. Jur. (Komensky University in Bratislava)

Vice-President of the Chamber of Patent Attorney of the Czech Republic and EPI Council member.

Formerly research worker in organic chemistry at the Slovak Technical University

Formerly long time patent examiner in the field of organic and Pharmaceutical chemistry of the Patent Office in Prague and Head of the Patent Division at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava , Past Vice-President of the Czechoslovak Patent Office in Prague (1990-1992)

Seminar in European Patent Law and Practice held at the EPO in Munich (1991)

Training at C.E.LP.I. of University R. Schuman in Strassbourg (1992-1994)

Co-author of the CS Patent Act and Utility Model Law

Author of numerous articles in the field of industrial property

Former Chairman of the Examination Committee for Patent Attorneys in Czechoslovakia

Lecturer of Patent Law and Practice at the Institute of Industrial Property of the CS Patent Office (1976-1992) and Slovak Patent Office from 2000


Delegate of Czech Group of FICPI

Languages: English, Russian, German, Slovak